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Custom Broken Stained Glass Window
Custom Broken Stained Glass Window

      Windows can be special ordered with your own design or picture.

      IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ON A RE-PURPOSED WINDOW...it can be on your own picture frame, your own piece of glass, etc.

      In fact, if you are not in Central Ohio, you can ship us the window or glass you want Wendy to use.

      Send a picture or idea to wendyjamesart@livingrock.com and Wendy will work up a mock-up of your own original custom art piece and a quote. Or call/text 740.644.1703.

      Note that we normally have several window sizes available. See the separate tab on window sizes for more information.

      Suggested uses include indoor, outdoor, mantle, window sill, fireplace screen (no open flame – we recommend using Christmas lights), etc.

      Here's some ideas that have been submitted thus far:

  • Your Favorite Picture Brought to Life
  • Seasonal (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Patriotic, etc.)
  • Seasonal panes that can be switched out of kitchen cupboard fronts or fireplaces
  • Homesteads
  • Florals/Botanicals/Potted Plants
  • Barn with haystack, hemp roof and silo
  • Block Colors
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Sports Team Logos
  • Company Logos
  • Breast Cancer Survivor Ribbon

        See product photos for additional ideas. Other than trying to depict people, the ideas are virtually unlimited!